Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Huff! Huff!

Welcome to my blog. My mommy & daddy said I should introduce my friends and family to my favorite past time. DOCK JUMPING!!! I absolutely love it. It's great to feel like Peter Pan and then belly flop into the water. Dock Jumping is pretty easy for me. Loving the water is in my blood being a lab and all. Daddy teases me with my favorite toys such as my Wubba, a bright orange bumper & my new favorite (thanks Bruno for introducing it to me) yello squeaky dumbbell. Daddy makes me sit all the way at the beginning of the dock while he strolls near that water. He lifts my toy above his head and says "OK!!!!" I dash with all my might to get to Daddy as fast as I can. But before I know it he throws it out over the water. I say to myself....go get it before it gets away. I fly off the end and **SPLASH**. I'm soaked from head to paws but it feels great! Mommy takes pictures and claps. She tells me I did a good job and I get a cookie. No wonder I don't mind doing this dock jumping thing. Daddy & Mommy are taking me to my first jumping event this year on Saturday! I'm sooooo excited. They tell me my friend, Bruno & his mommy & daddy are coming too. We've been practicing down at the Farmington River. That dock doesn't compare to the air you get on the Dock Dog dock but who cares when the end result is splashing in the water. Check me out in action last seaon. Some pictures are below. My best jump was 13 feet 7 inches. I even got a medal! Not too shabby for a rookie.