Friday, June 5, 2009

I'm taking over this joint!

Ok....Godiva here. I finally decided that Bella needs to move over and let me speak. I barked, "Who's Here?" and she fell for it. She's been on guard by the front door making sure it's not Mommy, Daddy, Grandma or Ms. Amanda with Bruno & Lyric. :) I need to understand what all the excitement is with this swimming thing Mommy & Daddy keep taking me to. It kind of hinders Bella & my play time. Bella totally ignores me when we're up on this thing called a dock. I bark at her, I bite her ankles but she would much rather fly through the air to catch the WUBBA. (That reminds me, one of us needs to tell Daddy to get the PINK WUBBA....the yellow one just isn't doing the trick.) I go down the stairs and swim but that's not good enough. Guess, I have to give this jumping thing a try tomorrow!