Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Guess where we're going in 2 days!!!!

First of all, Godiva and I are so sorry that we haven't posted in a while. I need a little help once and a while on the computer because paws aren't the easiest appendage to type with. :) We had a great winter and a beautiful spring. Finally summer is here and that means the DOCKDOGs season is in full swing. Mommy, Daddy, Godiva & I are heading to The Kennel Shop in Scarborough, Maine on Friday morning!!!! I am so excited. We absolutely love how dog friendly Maine is. Godiva and I get to hang with all our doggy friends this weekend including Ralphie, Riley, Chase, Bodie, Mac, Axel, Sophia, Atlas, Simon, Storm, Drake & Jasmine. We get to jump, swim and play all weekend. The HVDD representation will be huge. I've been jumping really well since the beginning of the season. Lately my jumps have been 17 feet or better. I'm so pumped for Scarborough I feel like I can jumSpeed p 20 feet. I'll also being doing Speed Retrieve. I absolutely love the anticipation that builds up to run, swim as fast as I can and grab the decoy. My goal this weekend is to break the 7.000 second mark. I've also been working on Extreme Vertical. At the HVDD Doggie Dip a couple weeks ago, I took 3rd place with my best jump of 5'2". Mommy is hoping to have Godiva make her national debut. She's been jumping pretty consistently for Mommy. Well as long as Mommy doesn't throw WUBBA out too far, Godiva will jump. She has to jump on top of it. Silly puppy. She's petite and has some very strong muscles. She probably could fly off that dock if she would just try it. So if you're in the area by chance and want to watch TEAM PINK LIGHTNING in action, please feel free to come down to The Kennel Shop on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Monday, September 14, 2009

1st place Amateur & HVDD Sweep

HOLY COW! Are you ready for this one? I won first place in the Amateur Big Air Finals yesterday at the National Dock Dog Event at the Hebron Fair, in Hebron CT!!!! Me! Little old me! Bella who has been jumping consistently in the 15 foot area. At the Dutchess County Fair, Mommy said she would give me a steak for dinner if I crossed over to the 16 foot mark (I had jumped 15'11" with her one day at the fair so she knew I was close.) Well, I jumped with Daddy this weekend so Mommy could walk Godiva and help raise money for Chase Away K-9 Cancer. All of the sudden on Saturday....I wanted that steak really really bad. it must of been the smell of the Gyros across from the pool. My first jump was 16'3"....a new personal best. I've never seen Mommy and Daddy so excited to have me jump a new personal best. Little did they know what I determination I had to beat that last jump. My second jump..Daddy lifted me up off all my fours so I could see my WUBBA. My feet were moving before he put me back on the ground. I bolted down the dock and leaped with all my might. Sean, the Dock Dog announcer, screamed out 17 feet even. I heard Mommy scream and everyone was cheering for me. I had just blown my new personal best out of the water! I deserve 2 steaks now! I also have to congratulate the rest of the Hudson Valley Dock Dog gang! HVDD swept the event. 1st place Amateurs....went to Daddy & I! I do have to give a high five to a new little guy that I just met. James & his dog, Twister. They came in second in Amateurs. Twister was right on my heels! Great job James! It really was great meeting you and your Dad! Oh & Quake too!! 1st place Semi-Pros...went to Lizzy & Ralphie. Lizzy deserves huge round of applause because she worked hard all weekend to get her throw down and to get my buddy Ralphie jumping as far as he good. 1st place Pros...went to Anna & Pico. 1st place Speed Retrieve...went to Kathleen & Bodie. 1st place Extreme Vertical...went to Anna & Pico. 2nd place Extreme Vertical was also captured by Brian & Atlas! EVERYONE who participated deserves a round of applause actually! There really were some great jumps and retrieves! Ms. Dolores, Mommy wants me to thank you for the yummy apple crisp, jello shots & great laughs! Cruiser really is a character! I want to play tag with him someday. The pictures that Mommy were able to get are coming. Not as many as Dutchess because of the size of the crowd (Mommy wasn't able to take pictures without standing in someone's way). See everyone at the pool on Saturday for HVDD's final FUN JUMP of the season!!!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Godiva & I have our 1st Follower!!!!

Hi Miss. Beth!
Thank you for taking interest in us and dock diving! :)
Stay tuned!
HVDD is having their Jumpin Jamboree on Saturday! Dogs from all over the east coast are coming to compete at the pool.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New pics of me!

Mommy feels bad that she's only been only worried about Godiva jumping lately.
Here are 2 pictures from a speed retrieve demo, the Hudson Valley Dock Dogs put on during the Festival of Dogs (July 11-12).
Brian Wilcox of Connecticut Photo (http://www.connectphoto.com/) snapped these beautiful shots.

We have proof!!!!!!!!

Godiva finally has crossed over to the other side. She has decided it's fun to jump! Confidence is still a little low but Mommy is work on that. Check out the video!!! It's really quick so pay attention. Thanks to Emma's Mom for capturing it!

Hopefully Godiva will keep it up so Gabby can play with her and Boo can play with me. :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Godiva Jumped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mommy took Godiva and I up to the pool this morning and GODIVA JUMPED!!!!! She jumped on her own. Well.....Mommy had to get down off the dock and walk around the pool, but she jumped. I'm soooo proud. I don't think she's convinced that's its 100% fun yet. I think she was worried Mommy was going to leave her and that was the only way to get to her. I've never seen Mommy get soooooo excited. She didn't get that excited when I jumped for the first time. Ok, maybe she did. But I've been jumping for so long without hesitation that she knows I'll just go. We're preparing for the Harlem Valley Chamber's "Festival of the Dogs" on Saturday, July 11 and Sunday, July 12. It is a fundraiser to support local schools in the the Harlem Valley area with scholarships. Hudson Valley Dock Dogs will be putting on competition waves and newbie try it waves throughout the whole weekend. Check out http://www.harlemvalleychamber.com/ for more info. All for now. I need my beauty sleep because we did a ton of swimming today. Puppy kissses, Bella

Friday, June 5, 2009

I'm taking over this joint!

Ok....Godiva here. I finally decided that Bella needs to move over and let me speak. I barked, "Who's Here?" and she fell for it. She's been on guard by the front door making sure it's not Mommy, Daddy, Grandma or Ms. Amanda with Bruno & Lyric. :) I need to understand what all the excitement is with this swimming thing Mommy & Daddy keep taking me to. It kind of hinders Bella & my play time. Bella totally ignores me when we're up on this thing called a dock. I bark at her, I bite her ankles but she would much rather fly through the air to catch the WUBBA. (That reminds me, one of us needs to tell Daddy to get the PINK WUBBA....the yellow one just isn't doing the trick.) I go down the stairs and swim but that's not good enough. Guess, I have to give this jumping thing a try tomorrow!