Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is Mommy's Birthday! So here goes......
Happy Birthday to you! Ruff Ruff
Happy Birthday to You! Ruff Ruff
Happy Birthday Mommy!
Happy Birthday to you! Ruff Ruff
I sang the main chorus. Godiva threw some extra into the background.
I can not wait for this weekend. I love the snow but it's been too darn cold to stay outside too long. Godiva & I spend about 15-20 minutes outside chasing each other or the "cuz". So Mommy & Daddy are changing it up this weekend. Mommy is getting everything ready to leave early Saturday morning. We have to be on the road by 8am! I'm going DOCK JUMPING!!!!!!!!!
I haven't jumped since um.......who knows. It was that long ago. The pool will be inside so no need to worry that I'll freeze. Plus I saw the amount of towels mommy has in a bag to dry me off (that's if Godiva doesn't snatch 'em and run first)
Mommy has the camera cleaned & ready to roll. I'll make sure she posts pictures in a timely fashion from now on!