Sunday, December 28, 2008

Godiva is home!

It's been a busy week since Godiva has come home. She's kept Mommy & Daddy on their toes! Plus, Christmas was this week and Mommy was a tad bit stressed with all the things. I said I would help but she just wanted me to keep Godiva entertained. Mommy wants me to mention it's hard to get a good picture of Godiva because she's always moving. She is a lot of fun. But those puppy teeth have got to go.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's Christmas Time!

and my sister comes home on Saturday!!! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!!! I love this time of year. Mommy spends a lot of time in the kitchen mixing and baking all sorts of fun treats for everyone. I sit by her feet and drool over the delicious smells that come out of that hot box thing, Mommy calls an oven. She gets nervous when it's on and I'm too close. She's been making a lot of human treats but tonight is my night! She promised we're going to make "Bellascotti" for Godiva & I along with all my other canine friends (Riley, Bruno, Lyric, Bailey, Cooper, Tucker, Marley, Tinsley, Hennah, Kir, Hounder, Roscoe and of course the Davikas gang!) They don't know what they're in for! Plus! You have got to see the presents under the tree. You would think Santa Paws came already. And the best part....most of the presents have Bella or Godiva written on them! It is official, Pink Girl will become Godiva on Saturday. Godiva had her temperament testing Monday morning. Ms. Kate called her a little spit fire. She's not quite show ring material (she has no interest of sitting or standing still). Gee, does that sound like someone I know. Ms. Kate has a feeling she be great for Dock Jumping. YES! I'm soooo excited. Now if only the water would warm up. Maybe Mommy & Daddy need to find an indoor pool. Here is Godiva at 7 weeks old. It's amazing how much she has changed in a week. Everyone is anxiously awaiting her arrival. I helped make her bed in Mommy & Daddy's room last night. Mommy has her bowls all cleaned. Her Christmas stocking should arrive any day so we can hang it right next to mine!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pink Girl will be Godiva in less than 2 weeks!!!

My baby sister turned 6 weeks old on Saturday. Do you know what that means? She comes home pretty soon. Mommy has her crate all ready. Mommy also has some pretty boxes & packages under the Christmas Tree with our names on them.
Here's the picture of pink girl at 6 weeks. I can't wait till she comes home so we can play. What a difference a week makes.

Monday, November 17, 2008


My little sister turn 3 weeks old on Friday. Mom was able to help me figure out how to put pictures up all by myself.
I have to say.....Isn't my fur mommy beautiful. This first picture is when the puppies were first born October 24.
This is red girl at 2 weeks. She's looks like dark chocolate, like ME, instead of milk chocolate.
Here they are at 3 weeks.......

Pink Girl

Brown Girl Red Girl Purple Girl

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Things have been quiet

Sorry things have been sooo quiet lately. Mommy is busy getting the house ready for Thanksgiving. After our daily run at Robert's Property, (Mommy brings the red dot and let's me run thru the fields), I'm tired and Mommy can get her cleaning done. She's always running around the house. Keep checking out Ms. Kate's website! She has been great about updating pictures weekly of my new baby sister. We go up to New Hampshire in 2 weeks to meet her and I get to play with my sister, Weatherby & fur mommy, Citori. Mommy said she's going to make some yummy cookies.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bruno's Baby Brother

is CAJUN!!!! Take a peak at Bruno's new baby brother!!! He's coming home Sunday night. Ms. Amanda said I could come over and meet Cajun. I'm soooooo excited. He's so cute. My job will be to introduce him to DOCK DOGS! By the time the season starts up again...Cajun will be old enough to compete.

Welcome to the World to my Baby Sister!!!

My fur mommy, Citori, gave birth last week to 4 beautiful female puppies. Check out Ms. Kate's website! I get to go meet my new sister after Thanksgiving and she comes home right before Christmas. Mommy & I will have to tell Santa what my new sister wants for Christmas (of course toys and treats that I like too.) Oh! Mommy & Daddy are thinking of 2 different names. Davikas Smooth like "Godiva" Chocolate or Davikas You've Got Me on My Knees "Layla" We all know that Godiva ties into being a chocolate lab quite well. Well Layla means dark beauty so that goes well too. Let mommy & daddy know what you think because I can't decide either.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Mommy & Daddy woke up this morning singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me! They really do love me. I am 2 years old! I feel great and look pretty great for my age if I do say so myself. These first pictures are when I first met Daddy at the puppy party. Mommy had no clue I existed yet.

Here I am today......

Mommy said grandma is coming over for my birthday dinner & she's going to bring home a special cake from THREE DOG BAKERY. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their special treats! I wonder what presents Mommy & Daddy picked out. Gotta go. Daddy is taking me for my morning walk.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Mommy woke me up this morning making all this beeping noise with the phone. She said it was Uncle Bill's Birthday today! Sooo here goes.....
Happy Birthday to you..ruff ruff!
Happy Birthday to you..ruff ruff!
Happy Birthday Uncle Bill (insert Bella kiss here)
Happy Birthday to you!
So if today is Uncle Bill's birthday.....guess what tomorrow is! MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I wonder what Mommy & Daddy have planned.
Here are some pictures from my birthday last year.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mommy & Daddy are going on vacation

and I get to stay with BRUNO!!!!!! Mommy & Daddy are going to Disney World on Friday! A little jealous I can't go with them because last time they went, Mickey & Minnie mouse sent home a bunch of fun toys, leashes, collars, tags and treats! I want to go thank Mickey in person. Mommy says Mickey loves kisses (and you all know I'm the master of Bella kisses) but the plane ride won't love me because I wouldn't be able to sit with Mommy & Daddy. I'll have to convince them to drive me down next year. So Bruno's mommy & daddy, Amanda & Dan are going to help take care of me. I really like Amanda & Dan. Amanda snuggles and pets me just like mommy does. Bruno wrote me a note the other day! He said his grandpa is having a party on Saturday and we're both invited. The best part of the invite! The party is at his house that is on a river! River = water. Water = SWIMMING! YAHOO! I get to run and play with Bruno for a whole bunch of days! I will miss Mommy & Daddy but I have plenty of fun games planned to play with Bruno. I have to make sure Mommy packs all the cool toys and my comfy blanket.

Practice Pictures!

These are some pictures of me practicing at the Hudson Valley Dock Dogs' Pool at Ledgewood Kennels. I got a special package addressed to ME! A nice man named, Rich, at WUBBA World sent me 2 brand new WUBBAs. A yellow one for the water and my new favorite one...A PINK ONE!!!! I told mom to switch to my good side! :) I could be Batman's new sidekick!

Mommy did a great job capturing this shot!
Look at my reach & extension.
Form like this and I could be in the Olympics!

Oh Daddy! Don't cry because I kicked your butt in that jump!!!

You're competing against a professional!

That was fun! Now I need my beauty sleep.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Pictures from the Dutchess County Fair

Finally MOM! This is Ralphie. He's new to Dock Diving. He caught on really quick! Bruno did a great job jumping! Amanda was so proud! Daddy giving me a good luck hug!!!! See.....Here is Daddy teasing me by not throwing my WUBBA! Daddy placing me all the way at the back of the dock. Looks like I listen really well, huh? Patiently waiting for Daddy's command to go get WUBBA! Here I come!!!!! What a great action shot!!! I caught WUBBA in mid air.....don't you get like an extra foot for that? ;) How did I do Dad???? Here I am with my Dock Dog metals from the weekend. I have 2 blue ribbons for my Junior Title and 2 red ribbons for mySenior Title. I just need 3 more jumps in each during a National Dock Dogs event to get my official national titles. I just have a feeling I'll jump right through them. My best jump of the weekend was 15'11". I would of been in the finals with that jump but another dog bumped me out by 2 inches! What a long weekend. We're finally heading home. Phew....all that jumping can tire a girl right out! I'm sleeping for a couple days. Mommy says I should share this picture. This is Ms. Lynn. Ms. Lynn is one of the nicest human mommies you will meet. She is the mommy to 11 labs! She jumps 3 with Dock Dogs. They're names are Bodie, Ombrea & T-Bone. Ms. Kathleen is riding the mechanical bull that was at the Dutchess County Fair. I just love the expression on her face. After she got off, I gave her lots of Bella kisses for a job well done. I don't think I could have done that.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I figured it out.......

with the help of Bruno of course! This whole...Do you want a brother/sister question that comes out of mommy and daddy's mouth? Bruno says having a brother or sister is like having a best bud canine pal that lives with you. It would be like if Bruno lived with us forever! Heck yeah! I'd love having a best bud always around to play with. Don't get me wrong..mommy and daddy are GREAT! They play with me, take me swimming and love me but when mommy and daddy have to go to work....I would have someoone to continue to play with. I tink this brother/sister thing is a great idea. However, I did hear mommy and daddy talking. They were discussing about waiting till Christmas to bring home my new best friend. That's a long time away. Mom just put out the big orange balls that smell delish!!! I remember last year it seemed like forever until that large tree that sparkles comes out. Oh well, I'll just will start planning all the fun games we could play.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

We're still here!

Hey there! I'm apologizing for Mommy. She's been busy keeping up with the summer, family & friends and of course ME!!!! Everyday we're going for 2 walks!!!! How lucky am I. Plus, I still get all the hugs and kisses, trips to the dog park & snuggle time at night. Mommy and Daddy keep asking me on question that I don't quite get. Do you (and if I hear those 2 words my ears perk right up) want (oohhhh there' s the head tilt) a brother or a sister? HUH? Can someone please clue me in what the heck a brother or sister is. Mommy says Bruno is getting a little brother so I'll have to get the run down with Bruno this weekend. Bruno is coming over Saturday for a sleepover! I'm sooo excited. But before he actually gets to crash at my crib....Mommy and Daddy are taking us both to NEW YORK to go SWIMMING!!!! YAHOO! Hudson Valley Dock Dogs is having another club FUN JUMP. All my other doggie friends will be there. We'll rock the dock! Mommy also made homemade cookies for Bruno & I last night. I got to be the taste tester. I have to make sure mommy measured and stirred everything just right! She made pumpkin cookies & garlic cookies! I think I drooled the whole time the oven was on. Mommy has to still post pictures from the Dutchess County Fair (I've been bugging her to do that. My paws can only handle typing...there is no way I can control a mouse, well maybe Zuri can since). A little secret.....I HAVE A NEW PERSONAL BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I jumped 15 feet 11 inches. I know have my paws on 2 different National Junior Title & my National Senior Title.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

NEW PICS!!!!!!!!

Mommy finally found time to sit down last night to upload pictures of my last jumping competition at Ledgewood Kennels in June.
Remember that lovely thing called a line.....well I'm waiting. How exciting....I know!

HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!

WWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Look at that form! Nevermind the form. LOOK AT THAT SPLASH!!!!!!!!!

See my pink ribbon!!!

Here's my buddy BRUNO!!! Go Bruno Go! You'll love it.

This is Gracie Lou! I think she'd rather push her
Daddy in then jump.
"Please Daddy, don't make me jump."

Well that's all we've got!

Check back soon for the Dutchess County Fair pics!