Thursday, September 11, 2008

We're still here!

Hey there! I'm apologizing for Mommy. She's been busy keeping up with the summer, family & friends and of course ME!!!! Everyday we're going for 2 walks!!!! How lucky am I. Plus, I still get all the hugs and kisses, trips to the dog park & snuggle time at night. Mommy and Daddy keep asking me on question that I don't quite get. Do you (and if I hear those 2 words my ears perk right up) want (oohhhh there' s the head tilt) a brother or a sister? HUH? Can someone please clue me in what the heck a brother or sister is. Mommy says Bruno is getting a little brother so I'll have to get the run down with Bruno this weekend. Bruno is coming over Saturday for a sleepover! I'm sooo excited. But before he actually gets to crash at my crib....Mommy and Daddy are taking us both to NEW YORK to go SWIMMING!!!! YAHOO! Hudson Valley Dock Dogs is having another club FUN JUMP. All my other doggie friends will be there. We'll rock the dock! Mommy also made homemade cookies for Bruno & I last night. I got to be the taste tester. I have to make sure mommy measured and stirred everything just right! She made pumpkin cookies & garlic cookies! I think I drooled the whole time the oven was on. Mommy has to still post pictures from the Dutchess County Fair (I've been bugging her to do that. My paws can only handle typing...there is no way I can control a mouse, well maybe Zuri can since). A little secret.....I HAVE A NEW PERSONAL BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I jumped 15 feet 11 inches. I know have my paws on 2 different National Junior Title & my National Senior Title.

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