Monday, November 17, 2008


My little sister turn 3 weeks old on Friday. Mom was able to help me figure out how to put pictures up all by myself.
I have to say.....Isn't my fur mommy beautiful. This first picture is when the puppies were first born October 24.
This is red girl at 2 weeks. She's looks like dark chocolate, like ME, instead of milk chocolate.
Here they are at 3 weeks.......

Pink Girl

Brown Girl Red Girl Purple Girl

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Things have been quiet

Sorry things have been sooo quiet lately. Mommy is busy getting the house ready for Thanksgiving. After our daily run at Robert's Property, (Mommy brings the red dot and let's me run thru the fields), I'm tired and Mommy can get her cleaning done. She's always running around the house. Keep checking out Ms. Kate's website! She has been great about updating pictures weekly of my new baby sister. We go up to New Hampshire in 2 weeks to meet her and I get to play with my sister, Weatherby & fur mommy, Citori. Mommy said she's going to make some yummy cookies.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bruno's Baby Brother

is CAJUN!!!! Take a peak at Bruno's new baby brother!!! He's coming home Sunday night. Ms. Amanda said I could come over and meet Cajun. I'm soooooo excited. He's so cute. My job will be to introduce him to DOCK DOGS! By the time the season starts up again...Cajun will be old enough to compete.

Welcome to the World to my Baby Sister!!!

My fur mommy, Citori, gave birth last week to 4 beautiful female puppies. Check out Ms. Kate's website! I get to go meet my new sister after Thanksgiving and she comes home right before Christmas. Mommy & I will have to tell Santa what my new sister wants for Christmas (of course toys and treats that I like too.) Oh! Mommy & Daddy are thinking of 2 different names. Davikas Smooth like "Godiva" Chocolate or Davikas You've Got Me on My Knees "Layla" We all know that Godiva ties into being a chocolate lab quite well. Well Layla means dark beauty so that goes well too. Let mommy & daddy know what you think because I can't decide either.