Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mommy & Daddy are going on vacation

and I get to stay with BRUNO!!!!!! Mommy & Daddy are going to Disney World on Friday! A little jealous I can't go with them because last time they went, Mickey & Minnie mouse sent home a bunch of fun toys, leashes, collars, tags and treats! I want to go thank Mickey in person. Mommy says Mickey loves kisses (and you all know I'm the master of Bella kisses) but the plane ride won't love me because I wouldn't be able to sit with Mommy & Daddy. I'll have to convince them to drive me down next year. So Bruno's mommy & daddy, Amanda & Dan are going to help take care of me. I really like Amanda & Dan. Amanda snuggles and pets me just like mommy does. Bruno wrote me a note the other day! He said his grandpa is having a party on Saturday and we're both invited. The best part of the invite! The party is at his house that is on a river! River = water. Water = SWIMMING! YAHOO! I get to run and play with Bruno for a whole bunch of days! I will miss Mommy & Daddy but I have plenty of fun games planned to play with Bruno. I have to make sure Mommy packs all the cool toys and my comfy blanket.

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davikaslabs said...

You will have to lets us know about an upcoming competition so we can cheer you on. Are these events ever televised? We are very, very proud of you! Love your real dog mom Citori and Kate at Davikas labs!