Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Guess where we're going in 2 days!!!!

First of all, Godiva and I are so sorry that we haven't posted in a while. I need a little help once and a while on the computer because paws aren't the easiest appendage to type with. :) We had a great winter and a beautiful spring. Finally summer is here and that means the DOCKDOGs season is in full swing. Mommy, Daddy, Godiva & I are heading to The Kennel Shop in Scarborough, Maine on Friday morning!!!! I am so excited. We absolutely love how dog friendly Maine is. Godiva and I get to hang with all our doggy friends this weekend including Ralphie, Riley, Chase, Bodie, Mac, Axel, Sophia, Atlas, Simon, Storm, Drake & Jasmine. We get to jump, swim and play all weekend. The HVDD representation will be huge. I've been jumping really well since the beginning of the season. Lately my jumps have been 17 feet or better. I'm so pumped for Scarborough I feel like I can jumSpeed p 20 feet. I'll also being doing Speed Retrieve. I absolutely love the anticipation that builds up to run, swim as fast as I can and grab the decoy. My goal this weekend is to break the 7.000 second mark. I've also been working on Extreme Vertical. At the HVDD Doggie Dip a couple weeks ago, I took 3rd place with my best jump of 5'2". Mommy is hoping to have Godiva make her national debut. She's been jumping pretty consistently for Mommy. Well as long as Mommy doesn't throw WUBBA out too far, Godiva will jump. She has to jump on top of it. Silly puppy. She's petite and has some very strong muscles. She probably could fly off that dock if she would just try it. So if you're in the area by chance and want to watch TEAM PINK LIGHTNING in action, please feel free to come down to The Kennel Shop on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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