Monday, August 4, 2008

"I'm sooooo excited and I just can't hide it!!!"

Guess what's coming up in a couple weeks!
I get to strutt (or should I say splash) my stuff for thousands of people at the
(Mommy says we may even go up during the week).
The fair itself starts Tuesday, August 19 and wraps up on Sunday, August 24. Dock Dogs will have a regulation size pool with my fellow canines jumping morning, noon & night. Hudson Valley Dock Dogs (my home club) will have a info booth about our club and AWESOME pool. The competition starts Tuesday with Big Air Waves. Throughout the week there will also be Extreme Vertical & speed retrieval competitions. Some of the best trainers will also be there putting on seminars throughout the week. So cross your fingers Mom will take me during the week. I already puppy eyed Daddy into letting me jump BOTH Saturday & Sunday!!!
Mommy and I have been training really hard these past couple weeks. We've been walking a mile a day to build up my leg muscles. Hopefully all this work has paid off!! I do have a nice set of hips that I never knew I had. :)
Mommy also had a nice lady on the computer make me a logo. Check it out below. The cool part! The dog is REALLY me!!!! Look at the picture at the top of my blog! How cool is that! Daddy wants to have a shirt made with this lovely little logo on it. He says black, mom says white, I say PINK!!!!!

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