Thursday, January 8, 2009

I gave Daddy the puppy dog eyes......

and he said he would take me swimming!!!!!!!!!!!! Mommy, Godiva & I were home yesterday because of all that ice. Mommy and I were looking on the computer together when we came across the Ultimate Air Dog website. UAD is having a competition in February. Right afters Mommy's birthday actually. Mommy is easy to convince to let me do things. I just have to give her kisses. Daddy takes a little bit of work. So when Daddy came home last night, I laid it on real thick. I turned my head and stared at Daddy with my soft, sad puppy eyes hoping he would say yes as Mommy explained there was a dock diving competition in Edison, New Jersey. It's 3 hours away. We could go and be home on Sunday. I would get to jump in the off season and Godiva could get some great socialization. (Mommy needs to work on this with Godiva because she keeps taking my toys as I just sit down to play or chew on them). Daddy said we'll see but I think I've got him.

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