Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I get all the Frosty Paws I want

and you wanna know why....because Mommy hurt me. Just kidding. She never would hurt me. Mommy was cutting our nails last night. I was hestitant because Daddy wasn't home to help. Well, I heard something outside and barked and next thing I knew....OUUCCCHHHH!! Mommy started crying and running around the house looking for something. So Godiva and I followed. She stuck my nail in some powder stuff that definitely wasn't sugar because it tasted gross! There was blood everywhere which caused Mommy to freak out even more. Next thing I know...Mommy has a frosty paw and cookies and ice cubes (all my favorite little treats) to try and get me to sit still. I couldn't sit still.....I needed to make sure Mommy was going to stop crying. But I did hear Frosty Paws every night! Gee Mommy, you can cut my nails whenever you want now.

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