Monday, March 23, 2009

No Harrisburg :(

I'm in total pout mode. We didn't go to Harrisburg last weekend. Daddy didn't feeling like driving that far. I can't wait much longer before I start the car myself. Hopefully, Mommy can convince Daddy to take a long weekend & go to Virginia Beach. It would be nice to get away all together. Godiva will be old enough to compete by then, although she has yet to see a pool. I'll show her the ropes and she'll get the hang of it real quick. Godiva had mommy ROFL yesterday. Godiva was running around like a nut job and decides that my crate, of all places, is the safe zone. She leaps into the crate as if she was leaping off the dock. Mommy took it as a sign that we need to get to the pool asap. So Daddy....let's go!!!!

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