Friday, May 15, 2009

HVDD First FUN JUMP of 2009 = TOMORROW!!

ROOF ROOF ROOF!!!! Lots of new stuff to talk about! I am sooooooo excited. Mommy started getting all the stuff ready to go for Hudson Valley Dock Dog Club and our own personal necessities. Mommy even made cookies last night for the the club to sell. They smelled oh so yummy. They're peanut butter dipped in doggy safe yogurt. I really hope there are some leftovers besides the broken one Mommy gave me last night. I've had a long talk with Godiva and I told her she needs to just jump! She'll love it. Godiva has all this energy, so there really is no reason for her hesitation. Mommy got a new car yesterday! It's bigger than her older one and it's shiny too. It looks just like this! I can't wait to go for a ride. Hopefully, Mommy will drive it to the pool tomorrow.

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