Friday, May 1, 2009

The Pool is Officially Open!!!

Hudson Valley Dock Dogs is open for the season. The pool is officially open today but Mommy & Daddy have to work. Tomorrow though, we'll be heading up there nice and early for a meeting with everyone and some practice time. The first club event is scheduled for Saturday, May 16. Mommy & Daddy have a lot of planning to do. I've been so antsy to start jumping again that Mommy & Daddy took me down to the river last weekend. Godiva came too so I could introduce her to the water. She's a bit of a chicken though. She goes in but the second I jump too far out......she runs straight to shore. I heard Mommy tell Daddy that he may have to go in to build her confidence up. We'll see on Saturday if Godiva wants to give it a try. My next task is to show Lyric, Bruno's brother, how to jump off the dock. I should give some kudos to Lyric. He's been working very hard these past few weeks in his field & hunt tests. He'll be starting the show ring very soon. He is a very handsome viszla. I'm sure his mommy wouldn't mind me posting his blog to show him off a bit. Lyric & Bruno's blog is I'm sure Mommy will take some pictures tomorrow. I'll be sure to post them soon.

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