Friday, May 1, 2009

I almost forgot!!!

Mommy and Grandma figured out how to make me a new water vest last night!!!!! Mommy keeps washing my lightning vest and the silk screen image of the Dock Dog logo is coming off. So last night, she decided she could figure out how make Godiva and I our own water vest. So we went to Grandma's house to use her sewing machine and in about an hour, mommy had a pattern cut out and the main seam sewn. We didn't realize there is elastic in the arm holes so Mommy will get some elastic today and add the finishing touches tonight. It's bright pink but without the lightning bolts. I love it. Mommy is going to make a smaller pattern tonight for Godiva. Daddy has a friend, named Alex that makes T-shirts ( He's going to see if Alex will put the Team Pink Lightning logo on it along with our names. I'm so excited. No one will miss us in these vests! Mommy wants to make one for Team Ralphie too! Ralphie is a yellow lab I met at the Dutchess County Fair last year. His best color is red! Hopefully Ralphie and his family is at the pool on Saturday.

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